Thursday, 21 July 2011

Corbridge Style Shoulder Part 1

Note to apartment dwellers -- If you are working on carpet, make sure you lay down something to protect the floor.  You can flatten out paper bags like I have done here, or you can buy a sheet or something from a second-hand store.  

When I made the Newstead shoulder earlier, I actually cut out two upper shoulders.  When I decided that I wanted to experiment a bit more with shoulder types I revisited this piece and found that it could be cut down to match.  This allowed me to see the dramatic difference in size between upper shoulders of Corbridge A and Bishop's Newstead.  The picture below (not exactly to scale) illustrates the cutting.

The blue sections are just about the right size to become Lesser Shoulder plates (i.e. #3 or #4) in a future experiment.  The red section was going to be too small to be reused, so I added a nice Corbridge B  style peak on the center plate.

The rest of the plates were cut according to Legio XX's Corbridge A plans.  Actually, I marked the cuts on the metal by using my soapstone to trace around the cardboard patterns I made earlier.  Great reuse!

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