Wednesday, 7 September 2011

First efforts in punched decoration

These are pretty sloppy - I am still figuring out the best way to hold my converted screwdriver punches. Being hunched over an anvil on the floor didn't help, either - planning to fix that soon.  On the triangle-decorated plates (middle) there's a pretty clear difference between when I was trying to use my nail set holder (below, in yellow) and when I held just the punch itself -- I actually did much better with just my fingers!  Compare the left and right sides of the leftmost triangle plates to see what I mean.

Above, L to R:  Chisel, nail holder, triangle, nail set (circle with dot inside), small diamond, 1/4 circle section, flat diamond (slightly crooked), and (slightly uneven) dome section.

I also found that when doing decoration, it was much easier to use the 8oz ball pein hammer than the club hammer (2-3 lbs I think?).  This is pretty much the opposite of how I felt when chiseling and punching, which seems a bit odd - the amount of force used is not all THAT different... or is it?  It might have just been the difference in my work posture -- I had a much better arrangement at the cottage than I do in my apartment.  Since I also used completely different backings (wet log for punching, anvil for decorating) it's hard for me to say without doing a side-by-side comparison. 

I've also been working on my tunic a little bit -- it might be a bit too long, though.  I'll post a picture once I finish hand-sewing up the last side.  I've been pondering whether I should buy a sewing machine, but it would probably be a few hundred dollars to get a decent one and I'm not certain how much I would use it...  although I do have a number of things lying around which could benefit from a nearby sewing machine.  Hrm...

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